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Article: Ginseng coffee: what it is, its properties and how to make it

Caffè al ginseng: cos´è, proprietà e come prepararlo_Caffè Corsini

Ginseng coffee: what it is, its properties and how to make it

Have you ever tried ginseng coffee? If you´ve heard of it, or tried it at least once, and want to know more, you´ll find some valuable information below. You´ll discover its properties, but also all details of the formats on the market, not to mention information about an established Italian company which today is one of the leading suppliers of this extraordinary product.

Ginseng coffee, the alternative to classic coffee
When we talk about the ritual of coffee, we´re referring to a genuine symbol of Italian culture. But there are also a number of interesting alternatives. Among the variants that have become popular in recent years is definitely a hot cup of ginseng coffee. With its inviting aroma and flavour - an intriguing combination of sweet and bitter - this type of coffee has special properties that are worth discovering.
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What is ginseng coffee?
Ginseng coffee is an extremely popular beverage today. It is made from the root of the Panax quinquefolius plant, otherwise known as American ginseng. As mentioned above, the root is characterised by an unmistakable aroma, which partly explains why the beverage is particularly appreciated (it actually gives an all-round sensory experience involving both taste and smell).

What does ginseng coffee contain?
Now we´ll consider what ginseng coffee contains. In your cup you might find pure ginseng extract mixed with coffee powder, characterized by a low caffeine content, in case of decaf blends. Then there is also the possibility to taste a preparation in qhich are combined the soluble ginseng preparation with cream of milk - when dealing with particularly valuable mixtures.

What are the benefits of ginseng?
Is ginseng good for the health? What are its properties? Several studies have highlighted its remarkable restorative quality. What´s more, it appears able to stabilise blood pressure, and also stimulate intestinal movement, improving digestion.
Useful in reducing the feeling of hunger, according to some experts ginseng coffee is also a valid natural aid to improving the memory. We could go on talking for ages about the properties of ginseng coffee! Not many people know that it´s an extraordinary natural aphrodisiac and a natural way of relieving stress.
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Ginseng coffee: our products
Among the many products we offer our customers - who choose us from all over the world - is ginseng coffee. If you´d like to explore the specific products available (and, as we´ll explain, buy them in the most convenient way), all you need to do is keep reading this article.

- Capsules
In the Caffè Corsini product range, you´ll find ginseng coffee in capsules. From capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto machines to those for Nespresso, you´re spoilt for choice and, in all cases, the quality of the raw materials is excellent.
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- Ground for Moka
Caffè Corsini ground ginseng coffee for Moka is the solution for anyone who - like you - has no intention of giving up one of the best moments of the day. It should be stored in a clean, dry and cool place, and is available in handy 250 gramme packs.
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- Pods
Super-easy to use, Corsini ginseng coffee pods allow you to enjoy a fabulous blend; they should be stored in a clean, dry and cool place. This gives you the best chance of savouring a coffee with a generous bouquet and experiencing for yourself the extraordinary properties of Panax ginseng: invigorating, antioxidant and good for the immune system.
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- Soluble
Corsini soluble ginseng is gluten-free and packed with flavour. The pack contains 16 capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto; the blend is made using superb quality ingredients. As with all other Corsini products, this is due to our extremely rigorous selection of raw materials.
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How to make a good ginseng coffee
At this point it´s natural to wonder how to prepare a really good ginseng coffee. It depends! On what? On the method you use to prepare it, the moka, for example. If you want to know more, check out the tips we´ve chosen for you in the following paragraphs.

How to make ginseng in a moka
With the moka pot, ginseng is prepared exactly the same way as normal coffee. Take your moka - remember, it must be clean -, put the blend in the filter without compressing it, and fill the water reservoir, but never to the top. When you´ve done that, just place your pot on the heat, or on the special electric moka plate, and that´s it!

How to make a ginseng cappuccino
To make a ginseng cappuccino, make the ginseng coffee as usual, then warm some milk over a low heat and whisk it. The next step is to pour the milk onto the coffee, previously sweetened to taste. If you like, you can garnish the surface with a little cocoa powder or ground cinnamon.
For whisking the milk, there are several options. You can use a special milk foaming tool - there are various types and prices available, but all are affordable - or put the hot milk into a small bottle and shake it.

Treat yourself to a Corsini ginseng coffee
Ginseng can be enjoyed at the bar or, if you prefer, you can make it at home with a choice of capsules, pods, moka blends and soluble products. When you choose Caffè Corsini - an Italian company founded during the economic boom and still flourishing today, in a completely different world with new challenges - you´re guaranteed to take home the very best quality in terms of raw materials and blends.
Known worldwide for excellence, with Caffè Corsini you can buy ginseng coffee in a couple of clicks, in whichever form you prefer, and immediately start enjoying one of the world´s most delicious beverages in the comfort of home.
Begin your adventure today, choose us....and treat yourself to a Corsini ginseng coffee. You won´t regret it!