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Article: What do we mean by Arabica coffee?

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What do we mean by Arabica coffee?

Arabica coffee: what are the differences and blends?
We often come across it in an advertisement while we´re online, or on a supermarket shelf when we´re doing the shopping. We´re talking about Arabica coffee, a particular type whose main characteristics include a distinctive aroma and flavour, giving a higher quality in terms of both smoothness and subtlety. It´s sweet, but at the same time its acidity lends freshness and zest to the brew. If you tend to seek out this kind of flavour, then 100% Arabica coffee, or a blend with a high percentage of Arabica, is what you´re looking for. It´s interesting to note that Arabica coffee has just half - or even only a third - of the caffeine in Robusta, with a percentage varying from 0.8 to 1.5%.
In Italy, coffee is seen as a tradition and a ritual that has become part of the daily lives of many people. However, for the best experience, it´s always a good idea to find out what happens to the Arabica coffee plant, from harvesting the beans to processing the end product.

Arabica coffee: what are the differences and blends?
Along with Robusta, Arabica is the most widespread and highly-valued species of coffee in the world. For this reason, and in order to make the right choice, we recommend seeking in-depth information about the differences between the two types, not only in terms of flavour, but also more generally the resulting brew.
The difference between Arabica and Robusta
Arabica or Robusta coffee? Many people wonder whether it´s better to go for Arabica or Robusta coffee, and what the main differences are. Arabica coffee is characterised by its extremely smooth, fragrant and aromatic flavour, with a touch of acidity that lends distinctive zesty notes that combine with the sweetness. On the other hand, Robusta has an intense, persistent flavour and a chocolatey aftertaste, with a markedly higher percentage of caffeine.

The properties of Arabica coffee
From the flavour perspective, Arabica coffee is distinguished by its aromatic complexity, with aromas and flavours ranging from fruity to caramel and spicy. The typical sweetness of the species, along with the freshness of acidity, come together in a captivating silky roundness.
Arabica: the characteristics of the best coffee
The beans of this specific variety have a distinctive elongated, flat shape with a curved groove, while Robusta beans have a far straighter groove. What´s more, Arabica is interesting genetically, since it has 44 chromosomes. Arabica coffee grows at altitudes of between 600 and 2000 metres above sea level, and is cultivated mainly in Brazil and Central America, Indonesia and some areas of south-eastern India; in other words, in equatorial regions lying between the two tropics.
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Arabica coffee beans: our selection
Corsini offers several types of Arabica coffee beans. Let´s have a look at three products which are particularly interesting for different reasons. For lovers of unusual flavours, our 100% Arabica Mapanga coffee beans in a half-kilo pack are an excellent choice, especially as the price is very affordable. This Grand Cru single-plantation coffee features notes of treacle and lemon and offers remarkable body, with an intense, seductive aroma; it´s perfect for morning or afternoon coffee breaks during the working day.
Another attractive proposition is our 100% ARABICA ETHIOPIA HARENNA FOREST SLOW FOOD PRESIDIUM COFFEE BEANS. This comes in a 250 g pack at a very affordable price. Special features? This coffee is seductively intense, with notes of citrus and a vanilla aftertaste. It grows wild in the forest of Harenna, where a protected group of 60 families selects the reddest cherries and harvests them by hand. The Harenna Wild Coffee Slow Food Presidium also promotes a shorter production chain, safeguards quality and guarantees dignity and fair remuneration for workers.
If you prefer a coffee with a lighter, more subtle flavour, you might try Colombia Medellin Arabica coffee beans, in packs of 250 g. This coffee has medium acidity, but noticeable hints of walnut on the palate. A highly digestible coffee that´s extremely satisfying at any time of day.

Arabica ground coffee: our selection
Caffè Corsini offers a broad and varied selection of ground Arabica coffees. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting is Guatemalan HUEHUETENANGO HIGHLAND COFFEE. Why focus on this product? This coffee is a Slow Food Presidium product with a full body and good acidity that will delight the most exacting palates; the flavour is well-balanced with a chocolate aftertaste. It’s available from Corsini in 250 g packs.
Equally interesting and unusual is our Purissimi Arabica Coffee. This is a ground espresso coffee, 100% Arabica of course, produced using only the very best quality Arabicas to obtain a decidedly intense coffee with a smooth yet robust flavour.
Our third suggestion is Caffè Brasil Santos: a 250 g pack of 100% Arabica ground coffee. At an extremely affordable price, you can take home a mild coffee with low acidity and a flavour that´s subtle yet enveloping, with a very slight aftertaste of chocolate.

If you love Arabica coffee, your best option is to buy the highest-quality selections online. Caffè Corsini provides detailed product descriptions so you can choose the most suitable Arabica on the basis of your preferences, with a truly excellent price/quality ratio that´s too good to be missed. Our wide range of products is a great advantage, because it means we can meet the needs of even the most exacting and difficult-to-please customers.