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Article: Caffè Corsini on the international market thanks to Melitta Group

Caffè Corsini corre sul mercato internazionale grazie a Melitta Group

Caffè Corsini on the international market thanks to Melitta Group

Caffè Corsini´s shareholders have agreed to a close collaboration with the German group Melitta. The aim is to cooperate in future cultivation and product development for mutual benefit and to exploit new opportunities together.
On the basis of this partnership, the Melitta Group has acquired 70% of the shares of Corsino Corsini S.p.A. The governance of the company stays Italian: Patrick Hoffer remains as CEO.
The Italian brand Caffè Corsini expands on the international market thanks to Melitta Group. A partnership that seeks to increasingly promote the quality of Made in Italy coffee worldwide.
The two companies are highly compatible, both rooted in strong family history, similar in philosophy and culture. The aim is to strengthen each other and grow together, developing new products and strategies.
"Melitta Group seeks to grow its business by means of local excellence. Our collaboration opens the way for numerous new opportunities for both companies", says Patrick Hoffer, CEO of Corsini since 2004.

The main aim of the collaboration is to increase and strengthen the market positions of both, particularly abroad. Production and all company management remains in Badia Al Pino in Arezzo province. The objective is also to grow and create new jobs.
Development, production and sale of branded products for coffee consumption and storage, for food preparation and house cleaning: these are the main activities of the Melitta Group which, among other items, invented the first coffee filter in 1908.

Thanks to its broad product portfolio for retail sales, large-scale retail and catering, Caffè Corsini is an excellent partner for Melitta Group in terms of strategic orientation, culture and company values.

Caffè Corsini embraces German precision and Melitta values, but Tuscan quality and tradition remain engraved in our hearts.