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Article: Caffè Corsini ‘signs’ the breakfast of Heads of State and Ministers at The State of The Union

Caffè Corsini firma la colazione di Capi di stato e Ministri a The State of The Union

Caffè Corsini ‘signs’ the breakfast of Heads of State and Ministers at The State of The Union

The annual ‘State of the European Union’ event confirms the partnership with the historic Aretine roasting company, which will bring the exclusive ‘Riserva Silvano Corsini’ coffee to Badia Fiesolana for the occasion

Tuscan excellence among heads of state, ministers and academics from all over Europe.

On the occasion of the next edition of The State of The Union, the conference organised by the European University Institute (EUI) from 23 to 25 May (Badia Fiesolana and Palazzo Vecchio) to reflect on international crises, EU enlargement, digital transformation, and climate change, Caffè Corsini will ‘sign’ the coffee break of speakers and participants with the exclusive ‘Riserva Silvano Corsini’ blend.

Riserva Silvano Corsini | Coffee beans | Caffè Corsini

During the days of the event, the historic roasting company from Arezzo will in fact be the protagonist of the "Tuscan Breakfast", together with other companies in the area, to offer guests the chance to enjoy an espresso that is always perfect, also guaranteed by its preparation with Melitta Professional machines, which are able to bring out the best of the coffee's qualities.

Produced from organic farming, Riserva Silvano Corsini is made from Arabica and Robusta beans and is characterised by spicy cocoa and almond notes, with a roasting profile that gives it a particularly full-bodied and rounded taste, combined with sweetness and aromaticity.

This blend is the result of a direct relationship with farmers in the countries of origin, who have been working the land for generations in a natural way, without the use of chemicals and with total respect for the environment. Its organic soul and the ethics of the people who have worked and cultivated it make it a doubly special coffee, tasty in the cup and good for the environment: a true excellence among the excellences that will be presented at The State of The Union.