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Article: Caffè Corsini launches the new aluminium capsules

Caffè Corsini lancia le nuove capsule in alluminio

Caffè Corsini launches the new aluminium capsules

Caffè Corsini presents the new solution dedicated to the most exclusive single-origins.
A choice to preserve the aromas and qualities of the finest coffees, which at the same time is part of the green philosophy pursued by the company, which in 2012 was the first Italian roasting company to reduce particulate emissions to zero.


The taste and aromas of the most exclusive and valuable coffees, enclosed in single portions specially designed to enhance their flavours and fragrances. Caffè Corsini launches the new aluminium capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines, dedicated to those who love to enjoy a good coffee and fully appreciate all its nuances. A solution that enhances the enveloping aroma of blends and single-origins from all over the world, chosen to guarantee the best coffee taste experience. The varieties available in the new format include the Compagnia dell'Arabica line, with selections of the best coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, El Salvador and many other parts of the world, dedicated to palates that love to know, discover and taste coffees with exotic origins and unique organoleptic characteristics. Also present is Jamaica Blue Mountain, called the ‘caviar of coffee’, one of the world's finest origins, and finally Gran Riserva, a unique blend with an intense and full-bodied flavour perfect for those who want a coffee with a strong character.

Caffè Corsini aluminium capsules compatible with Nespresso® machine

With the new aluminium capsules, Caffè Corsini enriches the offer dedicated to lovers of single-serving coffee, with a proposal that guarantees a superior preservation and greater freshness of the product. In fact, aluminium ensures perfect coffee preservation thanks to its ‘barrier’ effect against oxygen, but also against other external agents that could compromise it, such as humidity, heat and light, thus avoiding the loss of aromas and organoleptic characteristics.

Discover the new Caffè Corsini aluminium capsules

The decision to make aluminium capsules also pursues the green philosophy pursued by our company, which in 2012 reduced to zero the emission of particulate matter into the atmosphere - the first roasting company in Italy to do so - achieving more than 35% of the energy required thanks to a photovoltaic system on the roof, covering more than 6000 square metres. In fact, aluminium is a 100% recyclable material that can be reused countless times without losing its characteristics.
The new aluminium capsules of the Compagnia dell'Arabica line are available in packs of 10, 50 and 60 capsules.
Discover the new aluminium capsules in the dedicated section and enjoy them.