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Article: Caffè Corsini: From the world to Tuscany

Caffè Corsini: From the world to Tuscany

Caffè Corsini: From the world to Tuscany

Among the rolling hills of Tuscany, in Arezzo, Caffè Corsini was founded in 1950, thanks to the pioneering vision of Corsino Corsini.

Starting from a small shop smelling of fresh coffee, we have become an icon of quality and tradition, reaching coffee lovers all over the world.

Since our inception, our mission has been to weave an authentic narrative through our coffees, carefully selected, wisely harvested and roasted to perfection, to tell the rich story and deep culture of each bean's place of origin.

The red thread that unites us

The ‘red thread’, a central element in the new digital communication, has been adopted as a powerful symbol extending from the brand image to the entire corporate narrative.

This metaphor draws inspiration from a Japanese legend, according to which each person is connected to his or her soul mate by an invisible red thread tied to the left hand. Similarly, Caffè Corsini intertwines the destiny of the world's best coffee beans with Tuscany, where they are destined to be transformed into superior quality coffee.

This concept expresses our constant search for balance between flavour and sustainability, pillars of our corporate philosophy, reinforcing our commitment to offer an experience that makes the consumer feel part of an ethical and quality journey.


Sustainability and social responsibility

Deep respect for the Earth and commitment to local communities are the fundamental pillars on which we build our sustainability policy.

We choose and select the best plantations, verifying that they are cultivated in a way that respects natural cycles and that fair working conditions for the farmers are guaranteed.

In addition to this, we have implemented an extensive array of photovoltaic panels at our plant that cover 35% of the energy needs of our production operations.

Our quest for innovation positions us as the first Italian coffee company with zero emissions, emphasising our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Quality at the heart of the consumer

Our search for quality is relentless: we select each bean to guarantee a unique experience of aroma and taste in respect of the Tuscan artisan tradition.

We stand out for the high standard of our products, the result of a rigorous selection and roasting process that aims to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of each coffee variety.

This commitment translates into a cup of coffee that is not only pleasing to the palate but also conveys the emotions and passion of those who produce it.

Our journey from bean to cup is the perfect synergy of quality, innovation and responsibility, blending into a coffee that is not only exceptional but also a teller of stories of faraway lands and sustainability. Every sip is a journey that reaches the heart of the consumer, reminding them of our commitment to excellence and respect for the planet.

Find out more about our selection and live the full Caffè Corsini experience: visit our online shop.