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Article: How to make Leccese coffee?

Come si fa il caffè leccese?_Caffè Corsini

How to make Leccese coffee?

Discover the recipe for Caffè leccese, perfect for summer, and enjoy a delicious drink from the Salento tradition.

Leccese coffee is a delicious and purely summery version of ice coffee. After having told you how to prepare the tastiest iced cappuccino of the summer, we want to take you into the world of a thirst-quenching and very fresh drink, which is said to have originated in the heart of Salento and is now loved all over Italy.

The real Leccese coffee with almond milk syrup between tradition and curiosity
Leccese coffee is the ideal mix of coffee flavour and the deliciousness of almond milk, whose sweetness replaces sugar, making this drink unique. To prepare it, we can use mocha or espresso coffee, depending on taste, but don't forget that real Lecce coffee is made with a mocha! The secret of Leccese coffee or 'espresso alla mandorla'? It must be enjoyed very cold!

One of the most credited traditions has it that the origin of Lecce coffee is Spanish and says that this drink became established in Salento in the early 17th century. Its ancestor is the 'Café del Tiempo', a typical coffee from Valencia, where it is still served with a slice of lemon or orange. In the early 19th century, hot coffee was also served in Otranto with a green lemon peel or mint and pieces of ice. As the years went by, the use of the lemon slice was lost but, given the all-Italian passion to experiment even in the kitchen, it was thought to add almond milk to the coffee with ice. It was a truly delicious combination.

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The most recent history of Lecce coffee

In the 1950s, when not all homes had freezers or ice was readily available, many people in Lecce used to go to the Quarta family's bar, the only one to serve, using pickled ice, a very fresh and very tasty coffee: caffè leccese. This very special drink was a real treat for the palate, especially on hot days, as the small pieces of ice made it fresh and invigorating without detracting from the taste of the coffee.

Curious to find out how to make this tasty drink? It's quick and easy. Here are the ingredients and what you need to make it.

The protagonists of this tasty recipe are:

  • coffee
  • ice
  • almond milk syrup
  • What do you need to prepare Leccese coffee?
  • 1 glass
  • some ice cubes
  • 40g of almond milk syrup
  • 1 coffee cup (about 30g each)

How to prepare Leccese coffee?
Make coffee with a mocha or espresso machine.
Put the almond milk, fresh from the fridge, into the glass and add some ice cubes.
Pour the coffee, slowly, over the milk and ice, stir with a teaspoon and serve immediately.
We suggest using strong and intensely flavoured blends such as our Elite coffee or our selection of Brasil or Colombia coffees, so as to form a 'sweet' contrast to the almond milk that will be added later.

Leccese coffee is perfect to start the day or for a delicious afternoon break. The unique taste of coffee, mixed with ice and the flavour of almonds, are a unique experience, to be made and... done again!

If you have never tried it, you will be won over!


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