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Article: How to make cappuccino at home

Come preparare il cappuccino a casa_Caffè Corsini

How to make cappuccino at home

Want to learn how to make cappuccino at home? In this article you´ll find everything you need to know about making cappuccino, along with some tips to get fabulous results.

Ingredients of cappuccino
The first thing to do if you want to make cappuccino at home is a shopping list, so you have all the ingredients you need to get results just like the bar. In order to be prepared and get it right, here´s the short list of ingredients for making cappuccino at home:
• 125 ml semi-skimmed milk
• 25 ml coffee
Once you have these two ingredients - essential for preparing cappuccino - it´s time to learn how to make it properly.

Preparing cappuccino
Below we´ll explain all the steps you´ll need to follow carefully to make cappuccino in your own home, so you can enjoy it at breakfast every morning. Here are the stages of making cappuccino at home:

1) First of all, take a metal milk jug. Pour the 125 ml of milk you need for your cappuccino into the jug.
2) Now for a crucial step in our preparation, and the success - or otherwise - of our cappuccino depends on it. This step involves frothing the milk, an extremely tricky operation that requires practise, one cappuccino at a time. Below is a detailed explanation of the methods you can use to whisk the milk for your cappuccino.
5) Once you´ve poured the milk into the jug, as mentioned above, you need to whisk it properly. The the milk is nice and frothy, make sure you place a cloth or a dry sponge on your work surface, and gently tap the jug on the surface. Having done this, do you know the true secret to the perfect milk for your coffee? Gently rotate the jug to remove any bubbles and mix the froth on the surface with the liquid milk. This movement, done (we stress) gently and repeatedly for several seconds, will result in the perfect consistency to make a cappuccino that will have you literally licking your lips.
6) Now it´s time to make the coffee, and the method depends on your daily habits and preferences. You might choose to use a coffee machine, but if you don´t have one, coffee made in the classic moka pot is absolutely fine.
7) The final stage is to pour the frothy milk onto the just-made coffee, and then serve your cappuccino hot to your guests or enjoy it yourself. If you like, you can add sugar to your cappuccino.
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How to froth the milk for your home-made cappuccino
One of the most important, but also the most complicated, stages in the preparation of cappuccino is definitely whisking the milk. It´s a tricky operation and the success of your cappuccino depends on it; there are several different methods.
Below we´ll explain the four main methods for frothing milk at home, so you´ll get an idea and can choose the best one for you.
To froth the milk, you can choose between an electric whisk, a milk frother, a blender or simply a microwave. Here´s how to do each.

Electric whisk
One of the most popular methods for whisking milk at home is with an electric whisk, a simple and effective utensil that´s easily available. Here´s how to froth your milk using an electric whisk.
First of all, heat the milk in a small pan, taking care not to reach boiling point, which may alter the flavour. When the milk is hot, pour it into a suitable recipient where you can froth it using your electric whisk. The froth probably won´t be perfect, but we advise waiting a couple of minutes, after which your milk will have the correct consistency for a cappuccino.

Milk frother
Now we´ll discuss an appliance that occupies very little space and allows you to froth the milk to practically perfect consistency in a couple of minutes.
If you´re using a milk frother, all you need to do is pour your milk into the jug and turn it on: the milk will be heated automatically. The technology used in these appliances allows them to stop automatically when the correct temperature and consistency are reached, giving a result very similar to the bar.

The third method we´ll discuss for frothing the milk for your cappuccino is a blender, an item of kitchen equipment which, although not as good as the milk frother, will allow you to obtain a good froth if you´ve heated the milk to the correct temperature.

If you´re just starting to make cappuccino at home and you don´t have any of the utensils mentioned above, before buying any you can try another method, heating the milk in the microwave.
Start by heating the milk in the microwave, then pour it into a jar or a plastic bottle with a lid. Close the jar or bottle securely, and shake it vigorously to obtain the desired result. You probably won´t have the perfect froth for doing latte art, but it will be fine for your cappuccino.

Making coffee in the moka or with pods or capsules
As we mentioned above, the choice is yours when it comes to preparing the coffee for your cappuccino; you can follow your preferences and use what you have at home.
In fact, it doesn´t matter whether you make your coffee in a moka or using pods or capsules; the most important thing is to always use high quality ingredients - the only way to obtain satisfactory results.

If you´ve read this far, you´ve learned all the steps you need to make the perfect cappuccino at home. Now all you need to do is buy reliable products like the ones in our online shop. We´re a Tuscan company that has worked in coffee since 1950, producing a wide range of pods, capsules, ground coffees and much more to choose from.