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Article: 5 cold coffee recipes to make at home, perfect for summer

5 ricette del caffè freddo da fare in casa perfette per l’estate_Caffè Corsini

5 cold coffee recipes to make at home, perfect for summer

Favourite tips and recipes for preparing iced coffee
The summer heat has arrived, and with it the moment to tackle the preparation of iced coffee, a drink that always comes in useful when we think of cooling down in hot weather. How to make iced coffee? In this article we´ll look at five recipes to suit all tastes.

How to make iced coffee at home
Iced coffee is extremely simple to make. You may already know that there are several types. When we think about recipes for iced coffee, there are several options to consider. We´ll look at some of them in the following paragraphs.

Five quick and easy recipes for iced coffee to make at home

Shakerato or iced coffee
Originally from Spain but very popular in Salento, shakerato or iced coffee is extremely simple to prepare. You start with a strong cup of coffee, a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and two or three ice cubes. If you like, you can add some cocoa powder.
To make it, pour the coffee into a container and add the sugar. Mix well, then add the ice cubes and shake everything together. If this is difficult, you can use a blender.
Now your iced coffee can be poured into a cup and, if required, sprinkled with a little cocoa powder.

Cold cappuccino
Cold cappuccino - or iced cappuccino - is a delicacy loved by many people. How to make it? First of all, get yourself a cup of espresso coffee, 60-70 ml of fresh whole milk, another 50 ml of skimmed cold milk and a little cocoa powder.
We start the preparation by pouring the coffee into a container with some ice cubes. Then whisk the skimmed milk until the texture is creamy. Now fill your recipient - e.g. a coffee cup - two thirds full with whole milk.
Add the creamy mixture and, if you like, sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Iced coffee with Baileys
Iced coffee with Baileys is a delightful treat for the summer months. How to make it? Here are the ingredients:
• Approximately 100 ml Baileys
• A couple of scoops of ice-cream
• 300 ml whole milk
• The same amount of freshly-made coffee
• A couple of spoonfuls of coffee
• 150 ml whipped cream.

Begin by placing the Baileys in a blender with the ice-cream and milk. Now whip the cream until it is fairly thick. The next step is to take two glasses and fill them with ice. Now take the Baileys mixture and add the coffee, which will have cooled in the meantime.
Finish by adding the whipped cream and, if desired, drizzle with melted chocolate. Now all you need to do is enjoy!

American iced coffee
American iced coffee is a fabulous alternative refreshment for summer days. Here are the ingredients for 2 people:
• 250 ml cold milk
• 1.5 cups of cold coffee
• 2-3 spoonfuls of brown sugar
• A few ice cubes.

Prepare an espresso with the ingredients above, and allow it to cool. Meanwhile, fill a blender jug with ice cubes. Now pour over the milk and the coffee, not forgetting the sugar. Turn the blender on.
Once the mixture has been poured into a glass, if you like you can add a little whipped cream and some chocolate flakes. It goes without saying: this is a real treat that´s easy to make at home.

Coffee cream
Now we´ll learn how to prepare a cold coffee cream. Here are the ingredients:
• 200 ml cold coffee (NB: it should be unsweetened)
• 200 ml fresh cream
• 40 g icing sugar
• A few coffee beans

Begin by mixing the cooled coffee with the icing sugar, stirring well. Whip the cream and add to the mixture. Use an electric mixer to combine the ingredients well. The resulting cream is placed in the freezer to cool for a couple of hours.

After this, remove from the freezer and mix again with the whisk. Finish by pouring the mixture into cups or bowls - the ingredients listed will serve 6-8 - and garnish with whole coffee beans.
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