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Article: 3 delicious coffee recipes perfect for autumn

3 ricette deliziose al caffè perfette per l’autunno_Caffè Corsini

3 delicious coffee recipes perfect for autumn

Coffee is one of the most exquisite and beloved beverages in the world. Its flavour, the ability to give an energy boost and the aroma that releases happiness are all elements that make coffee and the recipes that can be made with coffee all the more loved.
Starting from a high-quality product such as, for example, Caffè Corsini coffee beans, powder, pods or capsules, you can create a whole bevy of special and delicious beverages.
The recipes we want to look at today are: hazelnut coffee, cinnamon coffee and the famous bicerin, a recipe from Piedmont that has won over all of Italy, being especially suited to the autumn period.

Let’s look at the main coffee recipes together!

There are a whole host of coffee recipes to try out but one of the most delicious is undoubtedly Bicerin. Bicerin or “bicchierino” (in Italian) is a drink from Turin that is prepared with three main ingredients: ground coffee or coffee beans to be ground, dark chocolate and fresh milk cream.
The bicerin recipe dates back to the 1700s as an evolution of another beverage, the Bavareisa that was much loved by Count Camillo Benso di Cavour. Today, bicerin can be found in all coffee shops around Turin and Piedmont. But let’s take a look at how to prepare this recipe at home ...
• 4 cups of espresso
• 30 ml of milk
• 200 g of dark chocolate
• 50 g of fresh liquid cream
• 30 g of sugar

To prepare the Piedmontese bicerin, first of all, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie with the right amount of milk to be beautifully dense so that the coffee stratifies nicely when serving.
After dissolving the dark chocolate in the milk, prepare the coffee separately with a moka or espresso machine.
Once the coffee is ready, it’s time to whip up the cream. Now, pour into a glass the dark chocolate followed by the coffee and finally the cream, creating a delicious and perfectly layered coffee.
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Hazelnut coffee
One perfect recipe for the autumn period is the hazelnut coffee from the Campania region. Hazelnut coffee is a Campania specialty that was created in the 1990s in the province of Salerno, during a period of cultural and tourist development throughout the region. In no time at all, it has become a specialty that can be found in many cafés from Salerno to Naples.
Hazelnut and coffee is a much-loved combination due to the way in which each ingredient enhances the flavour of the other. Indeed, the hazelnuts sweeten the coffee, giving it an aroma that exalts the roasting.
The combination of espresso or moka coffee and hazelnut mousse enhances this truly captivating recipe. So, how can you make it at home? Here are the ingredients and steps.
• 40 g of peeled hazelnuts
• 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
• Espresso coffee
• Liquid cream

To prepare this recipe, the first step is to make the hazelnut paste. Take peeled hazelnuts and put them in a mixer or blender then pulse together with the icing sugar until the nuts release their oils.
The resulting hazelnut paste is then ready to be used to prepare the mousse. Firstly, take the liquid cream and heat it in a saucepan. Next, add the hazelnut paste then mix everything until you get a well-blended mixture. Once ready, let it rest in the fridge.
After having prepared all the ingredients, you can opt to prepare an espresso or make coffee in a moka. If you want, you can also choose to prepare the drink with coffee in capsules.
Combine everything and enjoy this explosion of taste!

Spiced cinnamon coffee
Finally, amongst the recipes to be prepared during the autumn period, spiced cinnamon coffee is a must. The flavour of coffee is enhanced by this sweet and versatile spice. Still, care must be taken to prepare everything so that the powder is well ground and does not overpower the flavour of the beverage.

Coffee with ground cinnamon
In this case, the ingredients are:
• Espresso coffee
• White sugar
• Powdered cinnamon
To prepare this recipe, simply mix the sugar with the powdered cinnamon then pour into the moka, stirring vigorously with a teaspoon to produce a creamy cinnamony liquid.

Coffee with cinnamon-flavoured water
• Coffee made in a moka
• Water
• Cinnamon sticks
Add some water to a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once boiling, add in the cinnamon sticks and leave to soak until the water is nicely flavoured. For this recipe, you use the cinnamon-flavored water directly inside the moka when preparing the flavoured coffee.
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Are you keen to try out any of these recipes and prepare a delicious and high-quality coffee whose taste will brighten up your autumn days? Then simply select your coffee beans, ground coffee or coffee in compatible capsules in the Caffè Corsini shop. The selection of coffee types are ready to satisfy all palates and desires for deliciousness!