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Article: How to make the tastiest iced cappuccino of the summer

Come preparare il cappuccino freddo più gustoso dell´estate?_Caffè Corsini

How to make the tastiest iced cappuccino of the summer

Discover our recipe and enjoy it now!
Summer... time for sun, relaxation and the desire to enjoy cool drinks with the best company!

With the arrival of summer, cafés offer not only delicious ice cream and thirst-quenching slushies, but also inviting drinks and cold coffees and cappuccinos in all their variations are tasty alternatives to experiment with and enjoy.

The cold cappuccino or ice cappuccino, with its quick and easy recipe, is the perfect mix of milk and coffee, with the refreshing sensation of a pleasant summer drink.

The ice cappuccino can also be prepared at home without difficulty. Enriched with chopped pistachios, it also becomes a dessert with a unique flavour!

What do you need to prepare a perfect iced cappuccino?
- a Frappe machine or an inexpensive milk frother
- semi-skimmed milk
- ice
- 1 glass
- 1 strainer or alternatively 1 colander
- 1 container for whipping part of the milk
- 1 cup of 150/180ml
- of course... the best coffee!

Here are the ingredients for the perfect iced cappuccino
1 espresso or 1 mocha coffee
100ml semi-skimmed milk
5 ice cubes

Our suggestion is to prepare this recipe in a cold glass cup (better if kept in the fridge) of a similar size to those used for cappuccino (150/180ml).

How do you prepare an iced cappuccino?
Prepare the coffee and pour it into a glass with plenty of ice, cool it quickly and strain it with a strainer (or colander) into the cup.

Whip the cold milk at fridge temperature partly skimmed in the milkshake blender or with the whisk for about 20/30 seconds until creamy. Useful tip "if we want to increase the sweetness of our cream, we can add a little sugar during the whipping process after 8/10 seconds.

Fill the cup with semi-skimmed, cold-whipped milk. Useful tip 'cold glass cup, best if kept in the fridge'.

What kind of milk is used to prepare the cold cappuccino?
For cold cappuccino it is advisable to use partly skimmed milk. This is because semi-skimmed milk is rich in protein and the milk protein is a friend of the froth: it acts as a natural 'surfactant' and allows the air, during cold whipping, to remain embedded in the milk, keeping it trapped for a long time. The airy foam you obtain, combined with a sprinkling of cocoa powder, will guarantee an excellent and above all tasty result.

Which coffees do we recommend for preparing an iced cappuccino?Assuming that any quality coffee, such as those in our shop, is a valid solution for preparing a good iced cappuccino, we recommend you choose coffee blends with hints of chocolate, caramel and perhaps berries (all the Brasil coffees in these proposals are perfect); this will give your iced cappuccino a greater complexity of flavours and aromas, giving you a real moment of pleasure.Intolerant to milk?We have some great alternatives!
Are you milk intolerant or do you follow a vegan diet? There are valid alternatives to milk! Soy milk or almond milk blended or shaken, will give you the same pleasant feeling in your iced cappuccino. In particular, almond milk goes very well with coffee as it gives it a natural sweetness without having to add sugar or fructose.

A few more ideas!
Do you have caffeine problems but don't want to give up the taste of an iced cappuccino? Use our decaffeinated coffee: the taste will not be affected!

Want an organic iced cappuccino? Simply replace the milk with organic milk and use our organic coffee for a light, healthy and indeed, organic result.

The iced cappuccino is the drink for everyone. A fresh summer alternative to the undisputed prince of the Italian breakfast. The versatility of this drink allows you to enrich it with various ingredients, some extremely tasty and highly recommended like whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel.You can then decorate it with tasty coffee beans or almond granules.

In any case, you can really indulge yourself in the preparation of your iced cappuccino. Visit our shop and you will find high quality coffee beans, ground coffee or coffee pods and capsules compatible with Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza A Modo mio and Espresso Point.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your fresh moments of pleasure with a tasty iced cappuccino!