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Coffee beans | Colombia Medellin | 100% Arabica | 500g

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Coffee beans | Colombia Medellin | 100% Arabica | 500g
Coffee beans | Colombia Medellin | 100% Arabica | 500g Sale price€11,19 Regular price€13,99

Journey to discover the origins of taste


Colombia, 100% Arabica coffee from the Medellin area, Central Cordillera, with PGI certification.
Single origin carefully selected and artfully roasted to offer the best quality.
The beans from this region express all their goodness in the cup with a medium and balanced acidity.
The medium roast gives the cup of coffee a velvety aroma with a sweet and suave taste.


The result in the cup is a coffee with a light, sweet and mild taste, medium acidity, with slight nutty flavor, easily digestible. The suave aroma of this coffee offers sweet pleasure, especially in mid-morning or afternoon breaks.

Discover the origins of taste

Discover the world in a cup of coffee


Chocolate coffee cake

The chocolate and coffee cake is a cake with an intense and enveloping flavour, great to serve for breakfast or a snack.

What's more, it is butter-free, very light and fluffy! We decided to prepare it with our Coffee Colombia, as it is a coffee with a velvety aroma, a light and delicate taste and a slight nutty flavour.

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