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Article: Chocolate coffee cake

Torta cioccolato e caffè

Chocolate coffee cake

'How many days until Christmas'? This is the most recurring question from children, for whom this is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year! It is for them that surprises and presents, advent calendars and fun countdowns are prepared, but... what about the grown-ups?

There are those who don't like this period at all, there are those who hope it passes as quickly as possible but there are also those who adore it for the conviviality it brings. It is nice to get together with close relatives, lifelong friends and those with whom one has only just met but with whom one has formed a good bond, and it is pleasant to light a nice fire, spend time with games, laughter and good food to enjoy. The perfect dinner? It can only end with nougats, cakes and Christmas sweets!

After our coffee panettone recipe, we came up with a dessert, admittedly popular not only for the festive season, but also perfect for children when prepared with our decaffeinated coffee: chocolate and coffee cake.

This intensely flavoured and enveloping cake is great to serve for breakfast or a snack. It is also butter-free, very light and fluffy!


80 g sugar
2 eggs
75 g sunflower oil
1 cup of coffee Corsini Colombia
85 g milk (also lactose-free)
170 g 00 flour
1 sachet of yeast
100 g dark chocolate chips
First prepare the coffee. 1 cup corresponds to about 10 ml.

In a bowl combine the sugar, eggs and with a whisk mix well until light and fluffy.

Now add the oil, milk and coffee and stir to mix all ingredients well.

Torta al cioccolato e caffè | Caffè Corsini

Finally, we also add the sifted flour and baking powder and continue stirring until the mixture is smooth and lump-free.

Torta al cioccolato e caffè | Caffè Corsini

Finally, add the dark chocolate chips and stir with a licker in bottom-up movements.

Torta al cioccolato e caffè | Caffè Corsini

We take a 20-diameter hinged baking tin and line it with baking paper. We pour the mixture into it and bake in a hot oven at 180 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.

We always do the toothpick test to see how cooked it is. If the toothpick remains dry it means the cake is ready, but if there is still some dough sticking we have to bake it longer.

Special thanks to Silvia Cosso, Food Content Creator, who created this delicious recipe for us!

Watch the video and discover how quick and easy it is to prepare our chocolate coffee cake