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Article: Mimosa muffins with coffee cream

Muffin mimosa con crema al caffè

Mimosa muffins with coffee cream

Today we would like to delight you with a simple, tasty and ... very original recipe: mimosa muffins with coffee cream.
Soft and colourful, these tasty single-portion muffins decorated on the surface with crumbs to reproduce the effect of a mimosa are perfect for enjoying with friends to celebrate all year round!
The extra idea? Stuff them with tasty coffee... of course and strictly... Caffè Corsini!

Let's see together the simple steps to make mimosa muffins with coffee cream.
Ingredients for the mimosa muffins
- 100 g 00 flour
- 80 g potato starch
- 80 g sugar
- 3 eggs
- 2 tbsp water
- 2 teaspoons baking powder
- 1 pinch of salt

For the coffee filling
- 100 g whipped cream
- 1 cup of Corsini coffee
Both doses are suggested for about 6-7 muffins.

Let's find out together how to prepare the coffee mimosa muffins

Combine the eggs, sugar and water in a bowl and mix well with a whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini

Now combine the flour, baking powder, potato starch and salt and mix with a whisk until smooth and homogeneous.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini

Now we take a muffin tin and place the ramekins in it. With the resulting mixture, we fill the paper cups to about 2/3 of their capacity.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini

Finally, we bake the muffins in the oven at 180° for about 20 minutes. We always do the toothpick test to check if they are cooked. When they are ready, take them out of the oven and let them cool completely.

Let's make the coffee filling together!
Whip the fresh cream and add the mocha coffee.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini

We cut the top dome of the muffins, then with a stencil (or small knife) create a cavity in the centre, setting aside the crumb.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini


Using a teaspoon, fill the muffin cavity with the coffee filling and finish with the dough crumbs kept aside.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini

We continue in this way until the muffins are finished.

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini

The tip:
It is best to prepare the muffins the night before so they will be nice and cold!

But which coffee to use for the perfect coffee mimosa muffin?

Our suggestion is certainly to use an aromatic and delicate coffee such as our India Monsooned coffee, which we offer both in beans and ground and in capsules. Another coffee with low acidity, pleasant, velvety and enveloping is Brasil, with its notes of dried fruit and cocoa. Last but not least is our Guatemala, a Slow Food Presidium coffee with an unmistakable aroma and floral citrus and chocolate notes. Discover these and other coffees in our online shop.

Special thanks to Silvia Cosso, Food Content Creator, who created this delicious recipe for us!

Watch the video and discover how quick and easy it is to prepare Caffè Corsini mimosa muffins with coffee!

Muffin al caffè | Caffè Corsini