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Article: Compostable coffee capsules: what they are, and all their benefits

Capsule caffè compostabili: cosa sono e tutti i vantaggi_Caffè Corsini

Compostable coffee capsules: what they are, and all their benefits

Nowadays, when it comes to the choices we make about the food we eat or other aspects of daily life, it´s essential to consider their sustainability. One choice we can make to put it at the centre of our lives is to use compostable coffee capsules. These have become extremely popular in recent years; it´s a whole world to discover, which we´ll explore in detail in this article.

What are compostable capsules?
We´ll start with the basics to find out what we mean when we talk about compostable coffee capsules. The term refers to capsules made of materials which undergo the natural process of degradation and can therefore be used to make compost which, in turn, can fertilise soil or be as a general fertiliser. The compostable component is the shell of the capsule.
It´s important to point out the difference between compostable and biodegradable products. Compostable materials have a much lower natural degradation time, approximately 3 months.

What are the characteristics of compostable capsules?
As mentioned previously, compostable coffee capsules are products whose shell can have a second life through turning into compost. Another difference to examine is with recyclable capsules. Although the two concepts are often confused, they are actually not the same.
In fact recyclable products offer the possibility of re-use in order to make new items (although, obviously, this is also sustainable).

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How are compostable capsules made?
At this point it´s natural to wonder how compostable capsules are made. The answer is that a range of materials can be used. One of the most popular is bioplastic.

Compatible coffee capsules: our selection
Caffé Corsini, one of Italy´s oldest coffee roasters and a pioneer in coffee quality, offers several options in compostable capsules. Let´s find out more in the following lines!

Modo Mio compatible compostable coffee capsules
A Modo Mio compatible compostable coffee capsules are just one of the many options Caffè Corsini proposes for coffee lovers wishing to enjoy the world´s favourite beverage without neglecting sustainability. There are several products in this section, including classic Italian, Arabica gran riserva and intense gran riserva.

Nespresso compatible compostable coffee capsules
With the aim of broadening our product range as much as possible, Caffè Corsini also offers compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. An opportunity to explore a variety of interesting products.

Why choose compatible compostable capsules?
Why choose compatible capsules? There are two main advantages. On the one hand these are products made in Italy, with the guarantee of a delicious blend of coffee. On the other hand, as we mentioned previously, they have a high degree of sustainability, meaning that you can play an active part in reducing the waste dumped in the environment every day.
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Where to dispose of compostable capsules
Many people wonder where they should dispose of their compostable coffee capsules. These products can be placed in the organic waste containers for industrial/non-domestic composting. It´s not necessary to separate the components of the capsules, or even the residual coffee. The entire product can be used to make compost.
Since coffee capsules became a part of our daily lives, many people have viewed them as different from ground coffee, believing that their use was necessarily polluting.
Fortunately, research has allowed this idea to be rejected, and today we can enjoy the flavour of the best coffees in the world without worrying about affecting environmental balance.
If you´d like to explore the above in more detail, you can buy all these products from an established artisan supplier like Caffè Corsini, a company which since 1950 has embodied the fine balance between tradition and innovation which has made Italian businesses famous all over the world.