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Article: Caffè Corsini renews its collaboration with ACF Fiorentina

Caffè Corsini si tinge nuovamente di Viola: rinnovata la collaborazione con la ACF Fiorentina_Caffè Corsini

Caffè Corsini renews its collaboration with ACF Fiorentina

In the hospitality areas of the Franchi stadium it will be possible to find tasting points signed Corsini: we believe in passion and in the world of sport.

Also for the new football season 2021/2022, we have decided to renew the historical collaboration with ACF Fiorentina - the Italian football club based in Florence. To show all our support to the team, the special Corsini blends will be available for tasting in the hospitality areas of the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence.
Passion, quality and Tuscan spirit, declined in food as in sport: these are the common strengths of ACF Fiorentina and Caffè Corsini. We find in this company many common values, such as the Tuscan origin, the love for Florence and the 100% made in Italy culture, made of tradition and innovation.

It is precisely the affection for the land of our roasting, that we decided to launch on the market the new line of aluminium capsules as a tribute to the Tuscan cities, of which the Firenze blend is part. From the cradle of language and art, set among flowering hills, comes the inspiration for FIRENZE coffee, a floral blend of great complexity, a taste experience that evolves from the beginning to the end of the tasting, with pleasant notes of ripe fruit combined with the extraordinary final sweetness of caramel. Aluminium protects against oxygen, light and moisture; it is the ideal solution to maintain the freshness and aromas of a high quality coffee. Green choice: the packaging is infinitely recyclable.

We at Caffè Corsini believe in passion and in the world of sport, that´s why we offer to football players and professionals, the aroma of the best single-origins, chosen from around the countries of origin, from Central and South America to Africa and India. Our quality is guaranteed by our direct knowledge of the individual coffee producers, whose excellence we only offer.
ACF Fiorentina, better known only by the name of Fiorentina, was founded on 29 August 1926 in Florence. It plays in the Serie A and has won important awards: twice Italian Champion, six Italian Cups and one Italian Super Cup. The distinctive features of the society are the colour purple, typical since 1929, and the coat of arms, characterised by a red lily on a white background - the symbol of the Tuscan city.

In sports Fiorentina has always distinguished itself for its tenacity and perseverance, as well as great sportsmanship.