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At HARIO, we have been dedicated to the design, production and sale of heatproof glass since the company was founded in 1921. HARIO is the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan with their own factory.

We started out manufacturing laboratory glassware. In 1948, we expanded our production to household items, starting with the coffee siphon. We also began producing lenses for automotive headlights in 1980. Today, we continue to produce a wide variety of items, from microwave-safe kitchenware and coffee & tea implements, to aromatherapy and pet products.

The name HARIO originates from the Japanese words for glass (玻璃, hari), and king (王, ō). Thus HARIO (or 玻璃王) means the King of Glass: A name fitting with our ambition to become the world's number 1 glass manufacturer.

At HARIO, we are devoted to delivering the highest quality products to our customers across the globe. We may have originally started out as manufacturers of heat-proof glass, but we aim to innovate and move forward.



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