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Article: The benefits of coffee

Quali sono i benefici del caffé_Scoprilo nell'articolo di Caffè Corsini

The benefits of coffee

The benefits of coffee
What are the benefits of coffee? Coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages, as well as being packed with benefits. Given its popularity and properties, we can find people who prefer espresso, others who opt for capsules and still others for pods.
But the fact is it doesn't matter how you prefer your coffee: as long as it's a good quality blend, its flavour and energising power will win you over!
However, coffee offers a range of benefits for the body. The benefits of coffee are well-known and even scientifically proven, which explains why it is recommended (unless there are specific reasons otherwise).
Here's the detail on the main benefits of coffee, how much to drink and where to buy it online.

3 benefits of coffee
One of the best-known components in coffee, studied by scientists and researchers, is caffeine.
Caffeine is a substance with very important properties, but what are the 3 benefits we can detect in coffee?

The three main benefits are as follows.
1. The restorative and stimulant effect: caffeine stimulates the secretion of both bile and stomach acid. This is why many people believe that a coffee after a meal helps the digestive process. The stimulant, restorative effect also acts on the function of the heart and nervous system. So coffee gives us a rush of energy, making us feel more awake and active.
2. Lipolytic effect: coffee and the caffeine it contains trigger an action that facilitates weight loss. Coffee actually stimulates the use of body fat to initiate a process of thermogenesis which increases energy levels. Thanks to this effect, the number of calories burned increases. What's more, coffee also dulls the feeling of hunger, thus decreasing appetite and giving a sense of fullness with less food.
3. Improves general wellbeing: appropriate coffee consumption allows us to absorb all the vitamins and minerals it contains. Specifically, coffee contains vitamin B2, which helps metabolic processes and improves nerve tissue and skin condition. Meanwhile, vitamin B3 is essential for the functioning of the nervous system. Finally, vitamin B5 and manganese help to transform nutrients into energy. And don't forget the presence of magnesium and potassium, extremely important for the organism and an efficient cardio and circulatory system.

These are the main benefits of coffee. Even though the beverage has been consumed for many centuries, there are numerous ongoing studies into the potential benefits not only of caffeine, but also of other components that may have benefits: antimutagens, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.

How long does the effect of a coffee last?
The caffeine contained in coffee is absorbed very quickly and completely by the organism. The stimulating effect of a cup of coffee usually lasts between two and eight hours.
On average, the effect of a coffee lasts about four hours. But this is not the same for everyone. In fact, the half-life of coffee within the body varies according to the time taken to assimilate it.

So the duration of the effect can vary with age, weight, medication, liver health, pregnancy and smoking.

How much coffee is too much?
The guidelines usually given by doctors and human health organisations underline that we should not overdo our coffee consumption; above all we should avoid excessive caffeine.
According to health guidelines, a maximum of 400 mg of caffeine a day is easily tolerated and healthy for most people. More than this could lead in some cases to problems caused by excessive caffeine.
But how many coffees in a day are too many? Considering that an average coffee contains around 80 mg of caffeine, in theory we can drink five coffees a day. If we want to have more than five coffees, we can choose options like decaffeinated espresso or orzo coffee, which is also rich in benefits.

The benefits of orzo coffee
Orzo is an excellent alternative to traditional coffee. Orzo coffee actually has numerous benefits. First of all, it contains no caffeine. The natural absence of caffeine in orzo makes it a great alternative for those who are unable to drink conventional coffee or prefer to limit caffeine consumption.
Taking orzo coffee on a regular basis has several benefits, the main ones being:

No cholesterol and improved control of blood sugar. So orzo coffee is recommended for sufferers of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.
Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties: thanks to the vitamins and minerals in orzo, it can improve immune defences, combat bacteria and help to eliminate ongoing inflammation.
Digestive properties: being a cereal, orzo can have a positive effect on gut health, providing an antioxidant effect and improving the wellbeing of the intestines.
Low in calories: compared to other coffee alternatives, orzo has very few calories, so it doesn't impact diet and can be consumed by people following a low-calorie regime.
So, as we have seen, the benefits of orzo coffee make it an excellent alternative to traditional coffee.

We've explored in detail the main properties of coffee and how this beverage can be beneficial for the human organism. Coffee is a much-loved drink, perfect either alone or in company. But where to buy coffee online? Which products are the best?

Our advice is always to choose high quality coffee products to fully appreciate the benefits. For example, an excellent coffee available online is from Caffè Corsini. The brand has been producing coffee since 1950 and boasts long experience and, above all, a wide range of superior quality blends.
The Tuscan company allows you to savour all the nuances of coffee, from the boldest to the most delicate. The creation of a line of coffees named after Tuscan cities - like Florence and Siena - is also most attractive.
In addition to ground coffee for moka pots and espresso, you can also buy various pods and capsules online from Caffè Corsini, compatible with all the top machines, for real espresso at home.

Our range of capsules and pods stands out not only for its elegant, creative packaging, but particularly for the wide choice of blends available, making it possible to enjoy coffee differently every time.
A high quality coffee that delights the palate and at the same time brings all the benefits of this beverage, appreciated worldwide.